Fig walnut bread with goat cheese and lavender honey

English version (German version below)

Every year I am so happy when it’s the season for figs. And of course, I always try out some new recipes. Recently, I had less time, so I could not go for huge experiments. Therefore, I decided to create a fig snack. The result was just perfect; I loved it so much that I even ate two portions. It is the ideal snack for spontaneous guests, a party buffet or just a small dinner meal.

Ingredients (for 2 persons):
1 fig
Half a goat cheese roll
4 slices of walnut bread
Lavender honey (you can also use other honey, but the gentle taste of lavender honey would be preferred)

Butter the slices of walnut bread and then put half a teaspoon of lavender honey on it. Cut two slices of the goat cheese roll and place them on the bread. Divide the fig into quarters (one quarter for one slice of bread). Now cut the fig quarter into slices and put them on the goat cheese. And there you go, enjoy a delicious fig snack.

Feigen-Walnussbrot mit Ziegenkäse und Lavendelhonig

Jedes Jahr freue ich mich, wenn wieder Feigen-Saison ist. Und natürlich probiere ich immer ein paar neue Rezepte aus. Diese Tage hatte ich etwas weniger Zeit für große Experimente. Also hab’ ich mir einen schnellen Feigen-Snack überlegt. Vom Ergebnis war ich so begeistert, dass ich gleich zwei Portionen gegessen habe. Es ist ideal für spontanen Besuch, ein Party Buffet oder ein kleines Abendessen.

Zutaten (für 2 Personen):
1 Feige
Eine halbe Ziegenkäse-Rolle
4 Scheiben Walnuss-Brot
Butter zum Streichen
Lavendel-Honig (es kann auch anderer Honig verwendet werden, aber der sanfte Geschmack des Lavendel-Honigs passt besonders gut)

Brotscheiben mit Butter bestreichen, anschließend einen halben Teelöffel Lavendelhonig darauf verstreichen. Nun zwei Scheiben vom Ziegenkäse darauf legen. Feigen vierteln (je Brotscheibe eine Viertel Feige). Die Viertel Feige in Scheiben schneiden und auf den Ziegenkäse legen. Schon fertig, nun lasst Euch’s schmecken.

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  1. In Gedanken ersetze ich Ziege durch Schaf und haue rein, als gäb's kein Morgen mehr. Sieht mal wieder phänomenal aus, was du da angerichtet hast.

  2. Die einfachsten Dinge sind oft die besten. Sieht köstlich aus!

  3. What a gorgeous idea! I think fresh figs are one of the most beautiful fruits on earth. Do you make your own lavender honey? Fantastic.

  4. Wow this looks great! You have a great blog here :)

  5. Love the color on that fig! I love your recipes!! They're so unique and flavorful. I am a big fan of using natural foods and you do a great job of that :)

  6. Yumm. The photos look so beautiful - not too fussy, simple, yet enticing. It helps that these are some of my favorite foods ever. :)

  7. OH i love love LOVE figs!! I don't usually have them on bread but this looks divine!

  8. Wonderful appetizer, breakfast, snack. Heck, I would eat this for lunch and dinner too ;)

    I love how you've paired a rustic bread with the earthiness of fresh figs and honey.

    BTW, thanks for visiting my blog :)

    Kiran @

  9. This looks awesome. I went out for our anniversary dinner in Lausanne last night at a schwanky joint called PUR. I ordered Guinea Fowel with Figs... i never knew how to eat figs other than by the piece. now i know. i'll try this as an appetizer! I'm having a dinner in a few weeks and this would be wonderful!

  10. So lovely! You said all of my favorite words in the title! Those figs look out of this world :-)

  11. this looks amazing! sadly, figs are never in season where i live... but i will try to find some quality fresh ones, just so i can try this. :) cheers!

  12. We love figs too. This looks like such a simple, but delicious way to enjoy them. (I typically end up eating them on their own first!)

  13. I made this today as a snack after our bike ride. I didn't have goat cheese, so i used cream cheese! i'm not a big cheese eater so it worked fine. but the flavors of the honey (I have lots of flavors of honey to choose from in our house), cheese and fig were just something I never imagined. my husband was like "i don't like figs" then when i came back, his plate was empty. "well, i like them like this..."

    i never made anything with figs before so this was a treat. i have 2 more so i'll make them for lunch tomorrow!

  14. Figs and cheese: a divine combination

  15. I LOVE goat cheese. Especially in a combination with sweet and sour. Such as my favourite: goat cheese on a carpaccio of beet root topped with a honey balsamico dressing. God, I start getting hungry! ;-)

    1. Your favourite, goat cheese and beet root also sounds delicious.